Where Is Raw Virgin hair from?
Our Raw cambodian hair is imported from Phnom,Penh Cambodia. All of our hair comes from a single donor. Pure raw virgin hair.
How's the maintenance on this hair?
Ladies if your looking for easy to maintain hair then this is it! Sleep,swim,party,or play,whatever you do in this hair it will keep up with you. A simple wash  per week with warm water and a condtion with one of your favorite conditioners is all this hair needs. Only do an extra shampoo if you add a lot of extra products. All your bundles will come in a beautiful satin bag for you to store them in.
Is all your hair really imported from Cambodia?
Yes, selling hair is way of life in cambodia so that they can provide for their families.We make sure that each bundle is imported straight from the source so all your bundles are assured to be 100% beautiful raw cambodian hair.
How Many Bundles will I Need?
Inches 12 - 18= 2 - 3 bundles
Inches 20 - 28 = 3 - 4 bundles

All the bundles are double drawn. Our wefts are designed to let your hair be full and flowy. Your bundles will last you 2 or more years.
Can I Lighten/Color this hair?
YES! You can achieve any color you want with this hair. Your bundles will lighten perfectly, while still keeping its integrity. After you lighten or color your hair ,just deep condition and you will be ready to go.
How Long Does This Hair Last?
Your Hair will last you 2 or more years guaranteed depending on the care. This hair is so durable that it will put up with any and everything you do, from sleeping to swimming this hair will keep up with you.
What hair products should I use?
Our hair is compatibile with an array of products. For example carols daughter,vo5,tresseme,garnier frutise,etc. you won’t have to look for a certain shampoo or conditioner. However, our favorite go to is Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla line.😍 #amazing